Humanitarian Assistance: Questions for Candidates

Humanitarian Assistance: Questions for Candidates

Before you vote, find out your local candidates’ positions on international development and humanitarian assistance.
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Published on: 
October 4, 2019
Last modified on
February 13, 2020

The United Church, through the Mission & Service Fund, endeavours to assist global partners as they seek to live out God’s promise of abundant life. One way in which the church does this is through the provision of humanitarian assistance.

With the 2019 federal election approaching, plan to engage in faithful civic action by asking questions to better understand where your local candidates stand on the issues that matter to you, including international development.

Questions You Can Ask

  1. How will you and your party support the use of international development funds and other actions to end inequality, reduce the impact of climate change, and protect the rights of women?
  2. How will you and your party commit to increasing aid (Official Development Assistance) expenditures to meet the United Nations’ target of 0.7% of the Gross National Income? By what date will you commit to meeting this goal?
  3. Canada’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) Accountability Act states that Canada must
    • contribute to poverty reduction,
    • take account of the perspectives of the poor, and
    • be consistent with international human rights standards.
    How will you and your party ensure that the ODA Accountability Act is rigorously implemented?

The United Church supports a Canada with international development and humanitarian assistance programs founded on the principles of partnership, equity, justice, and mutual accountability. These programs should respond to the climate crisis, human rights violations, and the increasing number of humanitarian crises that are being experienced across the world. For more information, download the Canadian Council for International Cooperation’s Fact Sheet about Global Aid.

Your Vote: Our Future offers resources for people of faith related to faith, politics, and the upcoming federal election. Explore Ask the Candidates resources for questions about poverty elimination, anti-racism, housing and homelessness, conversion therapy, and other topics. Download the bulletin insert Voting: What Does Faith Have to Do with It? to explore connections between faith and the democratic process.

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