There’s a great array of activities happening at the Festival of Faith and GC43, many of which will determine the future of the United Church. Below are the highlights of each day.

Most events in the plenary (Gyms 3 to 5) will be livestreamed to our YouTube channel. A button linking to the livestream will also appear on the 43rd General Council homepage. See the full agenda online.

The Festival of Faith

The Festival of Faith, which kicks off GC43 on July 21 and 22, features an Artisan Market, live music, more than 20 inspiring and innovative workshops, food trucks, bouncy castles, and more. You can even be part of breaking a world record! Read about all the activities on the Festival website. Tip: Use the map at the bottom of the About the Festival page.

GC43 Highlights

Sunday, July 22

Join us at 8 am for a 5-km run/2-km walk that is a fundraiser for the Alvin Dixon Memorial Bursary Fund, which supports education programs for Indigenous students. Visit us online for all the details.

Opening worship will be held in the Campus Recreation and Wellness Centre (Gyms 3 to 5). There will be signs and volunteers to help you find your way. Please arrive by 9:30 am for the start of the service at 9:45 am. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are not able to attend in person, worship with the General Council via the livestream. Elder Grafton Antone will lead the Indigenous Edge of the Woods ceremony at 9:45 am that is part of the opening worship. This event is a short walk and down a hill from the main plenary. The terrain is somewhat uneven and people will stand throughout this ceremony. There is lots of seating in the plenary where you can watch the ceremony unfold on the livestream.

At 4 pm, Commissioners’ business includes the proposal for enacting the remits. The day concludes with a special event, Living in Covenant with Mother Earth and All My Relations, 7:30‒9:00 pm in the plenary.

Monday, July 23

Listen to the Moderator Nominee speeches at 9:00‒10:30 am, and the final speeches 2:00‒3:30 pm in the plenary in person or on the livestream. Stay for the Iridesce Theatre Play at 7:30 pm in the plenary; all will also be livestreamed.

Tuesday, July 24

Discussion, Listening, and Decision sessions in the plenary will dominate the day from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. In the evening, a sunset ceremony (also in the plenary) will celebrate the amazing work of the United Church’s Conferences and presbyteries. Please note: Discussion sessions will not be livestreamed; not all Listening sessions will livestreamed; and the sunset ceremony will likely not be streamed.

Wednesday, July 25

From 9:00 am to noon there will be more Discussion and Decision sessions. Commissioners and invited guests have the afternoon off for excursions, followed by a fun open mic experience, Coming Home, in the evening at the Coffee House. Everyone is welcome to join in the open mic.

Thursday, July 26

Once again, Decision and Listening sessions dominate the day. At the evening event in plenary, Being Good Relations: Children of the Apologies, the Youth Forum will acknowledge the apologies to the Indigenous Church, and their responses.

Friday, July 27

From 9 am to 6 pm, Commissioners will engage in final debates, refine proposals, work toward a consensus on issues, and vote! The day wraps up with an exciting closing worship, Let There Be Bread, 7:30‒9:00 pm in the plenary. The United Church’s new Moderator will preach on John 6:1‒14. All decision sessions and the closing worship will be livestreamed.

Stay on top of all the Festival and GC43 news

A General Council news team will be reporting on daily events via video, social media, and written stories on the GC43 website. Follow the Festival of Faith and GC43 on social media and use the hashtags #UCCan, #GC43, and #GCFaithFest.