The crisis facing the Rohingya people fleeing to Bangladesh continues to deepen. Exact numbers are unknown, but some estimates are as high as 900,000 people having arrived in Bangladesh. Bangladesh, one of the poorest nations in the world, has little capacity to respond to the extreme needs and high numbers of displaced Rohingya people.

Mission & Service partner ACT Alliance, in part supported by contributions from The United Church of Canada, is responding. ACT Alliance is focused on food security, water and sanitation, health and nutrition, and shelter.

The United Church of Canada is accepting donations for the needs of the Rohingya people. The Canadian government has announced that it will match eligible donations made until November 28.

ACT Alliance reports from the ground, “A majority of people are staying in the open air, suffering from trauma, exhaustion, sickness and hunger. Many people are arriving hungry, exhausted and with no food or water. Most of them have walked 50/60 kilometers for up to six days. More than 36,000 children (aged one or less) are the most vulnerable. They are living in conditions that are prime for the spread of diseases.”

Please include the displaced Rohingya people in your prayers.