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Canadian faith leaders issue urgent plea for climate action

Moderator Richard Bott and Executive Minister Rev. Maggie Dieter (Indigenous Ministries and Justice) are among a diverse group of Canadian church leaders speaking out for climate justice in a new ecumenical Earth Day video jointly produced by KAIROS, Canadian Council of Churches, and Citizens for Public Justice.

In the United Church’s full Easter Season Earth Day video, the Moderator and Rev. Dieter speak about the importance of urgent action to address the climate crisis in a way that respects the rights of Indigenous peoples and all those affected by climate change.

Faith communities and people in the United Church are invited to explore the questions that the Moderator and Rev. Dieter address in the video: 

  • In what ways is climate change a spiritually urgent matter to you?
  • Where do you see climate change affecting your family? Your community?
  • Has climate change led to feelings of grief?  What are you grieving?
  • What do you hope for?
  • What do you commit to undertaking?

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