Calling forth people to consider ministry is the work of the whole church.

  • Please share this video! E-mail the link to it around; show it in a Sunday service or another gathering.
  • The Summer Student Grant program offers financial support to congregations hiring a youth or young adult in a church leadership program over the summer.
  • The following resources are available at no cost to you. Please e-mail Bronwyn Corlett with the item name, quantity, purpose (event, small group, etc.), and address to mail to:
    • Theological School Posters
      These colourful 17 x 22 inch posters highlight all of The United Church of Canada's theological schools and education centres.
    • God’s World Needs Leaders “Calling Cards”: Is God Calling You?
      Business cards that can be given to encourage someone who is wondering whether God is calling them.
  • Share your ideas! If other resources would be helpful in engaging this important work, please let us know by e-mailing Bronwyn Corlett

If you support people who are discerning a call to ministry, visit our God's World Needs Leaders Facebook group. Remember, the best question for someone you think has gifts for ministry is: Have you ever considered ministry?