The Summer Student Grant program offers financial support to congregations hiring a youth or young adult in a church leadership program over the summer. This program supports congregations giving young people experience in working with a congregation.

The following items are available at no cost from Ministry Vocations. Please just e-mail us at minvoc [at]  and let us know which items you are looking for, how many you need, what they will be used for (e.g., event, small group), and where to send them. Or contact us to discuss your ideas. Thank you for your hard work in promoting ministry!

  • God’s World Needs Leaders Poster
    These colourful 17 x 22 inch posters show active ministers, and ask: Are you one of them?
  • God’s World Needs Leaders Brochure
    These brochures offer a snapshot of the three main types of ministry—designated lay, diaconal, and ordained—for someone who is considering a call.
  • God’s World Needs Leaders “Calling Cards”
    Business-size cards can be given to encourage someone who is wondering if God is calling them.
  • We also have a variety of merchandise that is sometimes available.

If you support people who are discerning a call to ministry, visit our God's World Needs Leaders Facebook group. Remember, the best question for someone who you think has gifts for ministry is: Have you ever considered ministry?