Loans to incubate new community economic development projects that are not eligible for conventional bank/credit union loans may be available from the Canadian Alternative Investment Cooperative (CAIC).

For more than two decades, CAIC has made loans to groups in all parts of Canada. Pooling financial and human resources with CAIC makes it possible to expand the size, scope, and frequency of economic animation loans.

CAIC’s Board of Directors meets monthly to consider applications. Presbytery and Conference endorsement of applications may enhance the prospect of approval by CAIC.

Contact CAIC for an application form:

Canadian Alternative Investment Cooperative
146 Laird Dr., Suite 111
Toronto, ON M4G 3V7
Phone: 416-467-7797
Toll-free: 1-866-241-2242
Fax: 416-467-8946
E-mail: caic [at] (CAIC)