The recent shift in the political landscape of Alberta has sent ripples across the country. Our world seems more divisive than ever. How can we respond as loving and affirming faith communities? In a call-out culture, how do we call each other back into community? How can we get past our defenses, which seek to divide us, and lean into the discomfort of reconciliation and real healing in our communities? When the voices of religious intolerance, prejudice, and hatred seem to be growing louder, how do we amplify our voices as affirming faith communities and speak up for love and inclusion?

You're invited to Disruptive Faith: Forging Brave & Inclusive Communities in Divided Times, Affirm United/S’affirmer Ensemble’s (AUSE's) Annual Conference 2019 offered in partnership with Hillhurst United Church and Affirming Connections. This time together will include theme speakers, worship, lots of conversation, children’s programming, meals, and AUSE’s annual meeting at which you, too, can have your say in this growing movement.

Join AUSE for a weekend of inspiration, learning, challenge and community, envisioning, entertainment and imagining. Explore a new narrative that reaches bravely across the gap, burning through the barriers to love’s presence. Together let’s forge braver communities and build bridges to God’s vision of a more beautiful world.

This conference includes opportunities to learn about becoming an Affirming Community, as well as workshops on how to take your Affirming Community to the next step by expanding and amplifying your voice.


Disruptive Faith is open to everyone—all traditions, all allies, and all ministries of all churches/faith traditions. It is asked that people come with open and respectful minds, hearts, and spirits.

More information about how to register, accommodations, theme, and programming is available on AUSE's website