Many ministers recall being invited into church leadership positions and how these experiences planted seeds that led to their eventual call to professional ministry. This grant program aims to enable congregations to hire youth and young adults into church leadership positions that will give them experience in working with a congregation. This might happen in a variety of ways: Christian education, helping others with worship leadership, outreach, pastoral visiting, and so on.

“Originally I thought the pastor just was in charge of Sunday service but I quickly learned his duties went above and beyond that. Jim’s planner was always full with events and meetings. Yet he always made time for people who needed to talk…. Young or old he always makes everyone feel included and welcomed.”
—Brittany Sovran, Essex United Church

Grant Criteria

  • The individual being hired must be between 16 and 25 years old as of July 1 of the year they are hired.
  • They must be hired for between 8 and 12 weeks, for a minimum of 20 hours/week, and paid at least the provincial minimum wage.
  • The grant will provide half of the provincial minimum wage for up to 12 weeks. For example, if the minimum wage in your province is $11/hour and a youth is hired for 20 hours/week for 9 weeks, your congregation may be granted $990. If a young adult is hired for 40 hours/week for 12 weeks, your congregation may be granted $2,640.
  • Half of the grant is given to the congregation at the beginning of the summer, when a copy of the employment contract has been received. The remaining funding is sent in August, when the two reflections (described below) have been received.
  • The individual being hired must be willing to write a one-page reflection on their experience (to be submitted in August).
  • One person from congregation must write a one-page reflection on their experience working with a youth or young adult (to be submitted in August).
  • Positions that focus on engagement between the youth and a congregation will be prioritized.

“I learnt how many people are needed to make this church run and become a place of community. I realized that everyone has a part in ministry. My time spent with Reverend Milo showed me about the patience and passion that is put into a Sunday service.... From what I have observed, becoming a minister is a rewarding and fulfilling career. I enjoyed my time reflecting and learning how a simple task, such as cleaning a basement, has a connection to my faith.”
—Brittany Schettler, Central United Church, MB

To Apply

The 2018 grant application is now closed. (Check back in early 2019 to apply for next summer.)

Grants are awarded to those chosen by the selection committee. Not all applicants will receive a grant. The status of your grant will be communicated as soon as possible.

“What a privilege … to accompany a young adult into mentorship and connection with the wider church. This program met a need (for employment) and a vocational match (the leadership gifts of our staff person were a perfect fit). It was my work to help her give language to her images of God, her experiences of faith, and her sense of call to ministry.”
—The Rev. Maya Landell, Innerkip-Eastwood United Church

If you have any questions, please contact minvoc [at] .