Ongoing Support

This is not just a grant program. Embracing the Spirit is all about developing a learning and support network for the entire United Church of Canada. Learn more about the resources that are available to innovative faith communities and grant recipients.

EDGE Network

The EDGE Network joins hands with those willing to take a leap into the promise; God breaking open the church, breaking into the world. EDGE is a living web of new and renewing ministries and leaders in the power of the Spirit, following Christ, embracing God’s mission in the world.

Social Mentor Network

Having a mentor increases success rates by 80 percent. Everyone’s measure of success will look somewhat different, but in the end we all want our initiatives to be:

  1. Financially sustainable so that your initiative can have longevity and continue the mission it was created to do.
  2. Impactful so that as many people are supported as much as possible.

With a mentor these initiatives can do even more!

Mentors are being recruited across Canada who are passionate about making a difference and they will be focused on your specific initiative.

Social Enterprise Webinar Series

The existing EDGE webinars are now expanding to include social enterprise topics as well.