How to Grow Your Idea

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New approaches to exploring and celebrating faith are constantly emerging, which is why we have three different types of grants to encourage their development. If your group has an innovative project in mind that will further the work of the church in your community, we want to support its development and growth.

Growth Grants

Organizations that have successfully qualified for an Innovation Grant can further develop their ideas with funding provided by a Growth Grant. Funding, ranging from $5,000 to $25,000, is available for new and renewing faith communities whose projects have a spiritual, ecological and social impact. Click on the Growth Grant Handbook link at the bottom of this page for more information. When you are ready, complete the application form, also linked at the bottom of this page. Want to know if you are eligible?  Connect with us at  embracingthespirit [at]

New Ministry Development

These grants specifically facilitate the formation of new communities of faith, whose members have fresh ideas of how to live out God’s mission in the world. These grants can especially benefit new immigrants, and may be used to support leaders who want to serve as bridge builders, as they facilitate the growth and development of these vital communities. Learn more about new ministry development on the EDGE website.

Seeds of Hope

Funding is available for projects that encourage innovative approaches to faith and spirituality. Those could include projects that focus of seniors, children, the environment or social justice issues. This funding also supports ministry during a transition period, or it can be used to promote and recognize excellence in scholarship and academics. Learn more about Seeds of Hope grants on the United Church Foundation website.