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Embracing the Spirit has a newsletter to keep the network up to date on new initiatives and to help connect us with each other’s work.

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This bi-weekly newsletter will feature:

Story of the Week

Amazing things are happening all the time! We will be featuring short stories on new ideas and new ways of being church, from camps to community outreach projects in both rural and urban areas.

For example, did you know that a church runs an art festival in Winnipeg that draws more than 2,000 people? Did you know that a church in Hanover, Ontario, is connecting people through a drumming circle? There are lots of stories we will share. Find these stories and more at the Round the Table blog.

Small Wins

Something to try this week. These are best practices that are shared with us from people like you. Is there one small thing that you could do differently this week that could make a difference?

For example, are you using online giving? This alone through CanadaHelps.org could make a huge difference and every church automatically already has a profile. You just need to claim it!

Awesome News

Each week there are a multitude of local articles written about local United Churches. Find more stories of inspiring work that is going on.

Food for Thought

You are invited to share! We are working with ministries, faith communities, and leaders across the country who want to share their thoughts and resources. Learn from those with lived experience, and share your own.
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