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Last updated: 
April 2, 2019

The United Church’s “A New Creed” reminds us that we are called to live with respect in creation. Not respect “for” creation, as a separate entity. But respect “in” the creation that is all around and within us. That is our origin story, we people who were formed of soil and of one another.

As global temperatures rise, and destructive weather patterns become more frequent; as poor and vulnerable regions become more vulnerable; as the call to live into reconciliation rings out across this sacred land… How can we...

Last updated: 
October 10, 2019

The United Church of Canada cares for refugees because we believe that sharing God’s love is our prime purpose. We believe that justice is the public face of God’s love, and work to share God’s love on a personal, local and global level. 

I see the face of God in refugees’ faces: those claiming protection, resettled, warehoused in urban ghettos or camps the size of small cities. Refugees embody the world’s brokenness. The image of a refugee child sheltering in a cattle’s shed or lifeless on a shore, cuts to the heart of God’s justice. To quell the hurt, I must respond. ...