A full moon in the clear night sky beckons us into 2018. It is not quite the same as the star that called three magi to journey in search of the Christ child, yet still it presents as a symbol of hope and possibility as we begin this new year.

Christmas trees may be down, cookies eaten, and decorations put away in most of our homes, but the celebration of Epiphany reminds us not to lose sight of the gift given with the birth of our Saviour in such lowly earthly circumstances in Bethlehem those many years ago.

Maybe that glowing moon will illuminate some corner of the world that we haven’t noticed before, some place where God’s love shines through. Maybe the reverence we felt at a candlelit Christmas eve service will come to us again as we encounter some opportunity to reach out in kindness to someone in need. Maybe the laugh of a child will remind us of the goodness and possibility that comes into our world each time a baby is born.

May God’s blessings flow. May God’s blessings flow through us. May God’s blessings flow through us towards a world of peace and joy for all.

—Nora Sanders is General Secretary of The United Church of Canada.

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