Sharing stories of life, faith, and ministry in the United Church and beyond.

Round the Table blog: Sharing stories of life, faith, and ministry in the United Church and beyond.

Welcome to Round the Table, a new blog from The United Church of Canada.

The Round the Table blog will cover topics related to the life of faith lived through the people and ministries of The United Church of Canada, including thoughtful messages from church leaders, stories from our partners  around the world, exciting new worship ideas, theological reflections, Bible studies, testimonies of faith, ministry best practices, and more. Each blog post will offer a peek at the work and life of The United Church of Canada.

In this time of increasing secularization in Canada, churches are often lumped together as if they were all the same – declining institutions with outdated beliefs and attitudes that are sometimes judgmental and hypocritical. We believe nothing could be further from the truth.

The United Church is filled with innovative and exciting new expressions of ministry and faith that are reaching out to their communities and taking down the walls that once stood between the sacred and the secular. While fewer people are attending church, more are experiencing their faith in diverse, less-than-traditional ways that show God’s work is alive not just in the church, but far beyond, in those places we might least expect.

We invite you to join us Round the Table and share your own ideas about the life of faith. Watch for the comment section on blog posts to open soon.

If you have your own blog, writing, or reflection you would like to share on Round the Table, please let us know. We would love to help spread the word.

Thank you,

Aaron Gallegos
Editor, Round the Table