A review of Parker Palmer's Let Your Life Speak: Listening for the Voice of Vocation (Jossey-Bass Inc: San Francisco, 2000, 109 pages).

Sometimes we want to be people and things that we aren’t. These desires can be aspirations, and are sometimes even altruistic goals. But if we force ourselves to do and be things that we aren’t, we won’t be happy, God won’t be pleased.

God has made us each as we are and when we deny who we are, with all our various gifts and faults, we are denying the uniqueness and individuality that God blessed us with at our Creation. Only when we fully accept, embrace, and are whom we were meant to be are we truly responding to our individual vocation.

Parker Palmer reflects on his own dark days and how they helped lead him to his true self. Only in the darkness was he able to strip away the many masks he had created and borrowed. In the end, he learned that to answer one’s calling; all he really had to do was admit who he was, and be himself.

This is an excellent book for someone wanting to listen to their inner voice and learn how to trust themselves. Not all discernment involves positive thinking and goal setting, sometimes it means facing what we are truly being called to do and who we truly are.

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