This is an excerpt from Moderator Jordan Cantwell's Accountability​ Report for the meeting General Council Executive, May 6-7, 2017. Please pray for those meeting for GCE as you consider the Moderator's reflection below. You can read the full GCE Workbook here
I was reflecting recently on the story of Jesus and Nicodemus – the one where it seems like Nicodemus just can’t comprehend what Jesus is trying to tell him about spiritual rebirth. This story resonates with me because I often feel like there is some great spiritual truth just beyond the limits of my vision that I should be able to grasp, but which constantly eludes me. 
I feel this way when it comes to recognizing how my thoughts and values have been shaped by colonialism. I know it is so… I just don’t see what that looks like, or what it would mean to be free of this influence. Yet I know that I need to understand this in order to truly walk in right relationship with all my neighbours. That is why it is such a gift to have so many opportunities to be in conversation with Indigenous folks in our church. They can see it. And with seemingly infinite patience, they are helping me to see it.
This wisdom, however, only reveals itself as I learn to listen deeply with an open mind and an open heart. I am discovering that there are some truths I can only grasp when I am willing to let go of everything I think I already know. This is a very humbling process, which I need to practice continually.
I wonder how we, as a whole church, can practice this kind of listening. What will that require of us? What spiritual gifts might emerge as we learn to do this? I am excited to see where this journey toward right relationships will lead us.  
-Moderator Jordan Cantwell