Canadian Multiculturalism Day

June 27, 2018

Take this day to celebrate the contributions Canadians of all cultural backgrounds have made to Canadian society. 

Worship Ideas
File Intercultural Hymn Service
A service framed around hymns in Voices United from cultures around the world.
File Prairie Horizons Intercultural Worship
An outline for worship in an intercultural context.
File Toward Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities (Rom. 12:3–13)
A worship service with the theme of creating a culture of mutuality and full participation for those with disabilities and their allies (based on Rom. 12:3–13).
File Two Communion Liturgies
Two communion services which can be used for Worldwide Communion Sunday, Canadian Multiculturalism Day, etc.
File We All Belong because We Are Home
A liturgy for Black History Month.
File Who Are We? Resources for Canadian Multiculturalism Day
Worship resources to celebrate Canadian Multiculturalism Day. ...
Minute for Mission
Our gifts for Mission & Service support intercultural programs.
PDF icon Questioning Worship: Engaging All God's Peoples: Sample Chapter
A resource for talking about intercultural worship; sample session.
PDF icon The Sound of a Church
An Intercultural reflection from a Japanese Canadian perspective, excerpted from Fire and Grace, UCPH, 1999.
File Voices United: Intercultural Index
A listing of hymns from Voice United identified by their country of origin.