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I have been urged to understand more how racism persists and perpetuates, and pass this challenge and knowledge on to others.
"Why I Believe" shares a variety of candid reflections and calls the reader to daily spiritual practice.
During May, The United Church of Canada celebrates the contributions of many Asian-Canadian members.
Thoughts, feelings, and prayers from Indigenous leaders as Canada Day approaches.
Whom did Jesus welcome to his table, and what is God awakening in our hearts today?
What does the flood of “Me toos” on social media, representing the prevalence of sexual harassment and assault experienced by women, mean for us as a church?
We believe that justice is the public face of God’s love
Our ingrained notions of black/white and darkness/light as inherently good and evil can guide how we treat each other.
Like the Powwow dancers, each of us come equipped with unique expressions to contribute to a common purpose under "the big top."
Our tradition has often been uncomfortable with appeals to the use of force to solve the problems of the world, and rightly so.
I believe deeply that White people need to take ownership of racism, in a way that people who have been victimized by racism don’t have the opportunity to avoid.