Latest Prayers

Last updated: 
June 5, 2017

God in whom we live and move and have our being:
From sea to sea to sea we gather in prayer;
from generation to generation we sing;
on this anniversary we give thanks
for your care
and correction.
In this heritage of trust
we pray for this United Church
and for faithful living on this land,
Our Source of Life, Living Word, and Bonding Love:

—Catherine MacLean, 2008. © The United Church of Canada.
Permission is given for congregations to copy for use in worship.

Last updated: 
April 16, 2017

Great and glorious God,
you have rolled away the stone and raised Christ to life,
      and now you invite us to share in the Good News.
Give us the courage to welcome the winds of change in our lives
      as it sweeps the sidewalks
      and brings hope to hungry families, released prisoners,
      sick and sad people of all ages.
In this season of Easter,
      run with us in the joy of new life
      that transforms the way we see the world and one another.
For Christ is risen! Christ is risen indeed! Hallelujah!

Last updated: 
April 13, 2017

Carrying a vision of creation healed and restored,
      we welcome all in the name of Christ.
Invited to the table where none shall go hungry,
      we gather as Christ’s guests and friends.
In holy communion
      we are commissioned to feed as we have been fed,
      forgive as we have been forgiven,
      love as we have been loved.
The open table speaks of the shining promise
      of barriers broken and creation healed.
In the communion meal, wine poured out and bread broken,

Last updated: 
April 14, 2017

Christ, when we survey the wondrous cross,
strengthen us to face the very worst in our world:
hatred, greed,
lust for power,
fear that we are small/insignificant/ugly/unworthy,
violence, oppression.
Help us to bring your truth, grace, faith, hope, wisdom, and love—
the greatest of these being love.
For your love has the power to destroy all that has brought you
to this cross and us to your side. Amen.

—a prayer for Good Friday
from Parables, Prayers, & Promises (UCPH, 2016)

Last updated: 
March 31, 2017

Eternal Creator,

Bless the lands bearing the burden of flooding in Peru, 
and bless the people who love these lands and call them home.

With your help and guidance, may we work to:

Protect the vulnerable and those most affected by the raging rainfall, flash floods, and landslides;

Strengthen those who are able to offer physical, emotional, and spiritual aid; and

Support our partners in ministry who will continue to serve the people and the land long after the storm has passed.

Last updated: 
March 29, 2017

Compassionate One,
our society has failed you.
You were a refugee, seeking safety and freedom,
      and we did not welcome you.
You were naked and exposed, with inadequate shelter and insufficient pay,
      and we did not fight with you for equal rights.
You were fearful of being detained or deported without a just trial,
      and we did not provide you sanctuary.
We seek forgiveness for the ways we have forsaken you,
and offer our thanks for the communities,
people, and organizations who have

Last updated: 
March 23, 2017

Life giving and loving God,

We bring to you our love, our concern and our prayers for the millions of people facing hunger and starvation in the region around the Horn of Africa.

We remember particularly those in South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, Kenya, and Yemen facing the combined forces of drought, violence and climate change.

We confess that our failure to care for creation continues to cause pain and suffering beyond imagining;

The world’s indifference and inability to address hatred, conflict and oppression threatens the well-being of millions.

Last updated: 
March 20, 2017

Each part of creation reveals unique aspects of God the Creator,
     who is both in creation and beyond it.
All parts of creation, animate and inanimate, are related.…

Last updated: 
February 27, 2017

Creating God,
Mother of us all.
We are your beloved,
     formed in your image and nurtured in the depth of your dark womb.
You breathed life into our flesh and sent us to do your work in the world,
to care for each other and for all of creation as we would care for you:
     our life and our breath.
Wherever we are in your world there are survivors, victims, bystanders, and perpetrators of gender-based violence.

Last updated: 
February 8, 2017

God of peace,
give us the courage, strength and perseverance needed,
to challenge the systems of racism,
so that we can clear a path for your justice, peace, and equity.

We believe racism is present
in our society and in our church,
and throughout time has manifested itself in many forms and in varying degrees.

We know racism is alive
in our language and in our structures,
and through our systems it actively works to deconstruct your glorious design,
blocking the path to justice, equity, and peace that Jesus brings.