we are peacekeepers and kin-dom builders
in search of how to best support a peaceable resolution to the conflict in Syria. 

We seek stability for the people of Syria,
who are displaced from their homes, millions fleeing to other countries for safety.
Steadfast God, provide safe shelter.

We seek healthy living conditions for all;
while reports of chemical warfare and poor living conditions continue.
Nurturing God, provide access to humanitarian aid.

We seek safety for the vulnerable;
children and other civilians continue to add to the more than 100,000 causalities in a war over two years old.

Weeping God, provide comfort to those who mourn.
We seek non-violent solutions that work toward peace,
as we wrestle with questions and doubts on how best to act.

Discerning God, provide wisdom to our world leaders.

We seek thanksgiving for those who work toward peace,
   despite uncertainty, doubt, and fear by:
      providing humanitarian aid to Syrians, in Syria and abroad;
      talking with political leaders about pathways toward a peaceful resolution;
      remembering the people of Syria in our thoughts, actions, and prayers.

Like Saul on the road to Damascus,
We seek a dramatic transformation from all sides.
Like Desmond Tutu,
We seek a compassionate and just peace.
Like our brother Jesus,
We seek an end to violence and suffering.

We seek a time when the persecuted will be released,
the sorrow-filled will be full of joy,
and God will wipe every tear from the eyes of all who are suffering.

Good Shepherd,
hear our prayers,
and guide us to the way of peace, justice, and compassion,
for this is the way of Christ.