God of our ancestors,
in a world where chaos and ruin are as close as the wind,
where fires rage out of control in Fort McMurray destroying homes, businesses, and livelihoods;
Help us to find strength and courage from the stories of those who took refuge in you during their times of trial and despair.

And so with the psalmist who cried laments,
we pray for all who are in need of food, shelter, and healing…
[add specific prayer requests or space for silent prayers]

With the exiled people,
we pray for the tens of thousands of people evacuated and those who have lost their homes, churches, community centres, playgrounds and workplaces… [silent prayers] 

With the disciples,
we pray and give thanks for the emergency responders and all those who provide moments of generosity, healing, and human kindness…

With our companions in Christ,
we pray for the ministry and people of First United Church in Fort McMurray.

In a world where safety and security can be fleeting,
where people cry out in grief, seeking rest and comfort,
Bind us together in your love as we pray the prayer of Jesus...
[recite the Lord’s Prayer in the language of your choice]