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Africa and the Middle East


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Since 1987, the United Church has been working in solidarity with partners in Kenya who focus on children, peacebuilding, and human rights.

United Church partners in Kenya are

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Further Information and Resources

  • Learn about the United Church's response to the drought in the Horn of Africa, working with partners including the NCCK.
  • Visit the United Church's YouTube site for drought response videos and interviews with Susie Ibutu of the NCCK.
  • Check out the photo gallery showing the work of Kenyan partners.

Kenya Alliance for the Advancement of Children's Rights (KAACR)

"To promote the realization of children's rights, for both girls and boys, in Kenya"

Photo of our partners at work.

KAACR is a committee of 200 national and international NGOs that are working with children in Kenya. Founded in 1988, its goal is to educate Kenyans about the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), ratified in 1990, and to ensure that it is fully implemented.

KAACR is working toward a society in which every child is protected by law from all forms of discrimination, neglect, cruelty, and exploitation, and is an equal partner in all decisions affecting his or her well-being and development. They believe the family is the basic unit of care and nurturing for a child, and that it is the government's responsibility to support families.


  • monitors Kenyan legislation and social policy as it affects children's rights
  • networks with organizations working for and with children in Kenya
  • conducts research on specific issues affecting children
  • educates Kenyans about children's rights and the UNCRC
  • establishes and supports children’s rights clubs in schools and in the community
  • trains organizations in developing, monitoring, and evaluating best practices, with a special emphasis on CHILDREN IN NEED OF SPECIAL PROTECTION (street and slum children, orphans, and others)

KAACR has been partnered with the United Church since 1988.

National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK)

"One church; united in faith and mission witnessing to Jesus Christ"

The National Council of Churches in Kenya (NCCK) is an ecumenical fellowship of 27 Protestant churches and Christian organizations in Kenya. As a forum for its members to act on common issues, the NCCK seeks to "support and sharpen each other in service and Christian witness" and "facilitate the attainment of a united, just, peaceful and sustainable society."

Beginning first as a representative body for four missionary organizations in 1913, it has grown to include core programs in theology, advocacy, and devlopment. The NCCK currently maintains nine regional offices and operates five retreat centres.

Through its advocacy work at regional and national levels, the NCCK promotes accountable and democratic governance, peacebuilding, and conflict prevention. It works for protection of the environment and response to climate change, policy analysis, and research. Affirmative action to improve the lives of people with disabilities, youth, refugees and the internally displaced, women, and persons affected by HIV/AIDS is also important work. NCCK have recently played a key role in responding to the drought in the region.

NCCK has worked with The United Church of Canada since 1987, sharing fellowship as well as financial and technical assistance.

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