Public Justice Internship, Citizens for Public Justice, Ottawa

Public Justice Internship, Citizens for Public Justice, Ottawa

Opening/Closing Date: 
March 7, 2018 to March 25, 2018
Anticipated Start Date: 
September 4, 2018

The United Church of Canada encourages active participants in the United Church to apply for an internship at Citizens for Public Justice in Ottawa, for one year, starting September 4, 2018. This is an internship offered, directed, and supervised by Citizens for Public Justice. 

Citizens for Public Justice is a national organization of citizens inspired by faith to act for justice in Canadian public policy. The intern will work in Ottawa for one year, assisting senior CPJ staff and actively engaging in research, policy analysis, framing public policy options, presenting to Parliament, meeting with MPs and political staff, and engaging the media, leaders in society, CPJ members, and the Canadian public. Learn more on the CPJ site.


  1. Experience directly the policy analysis and political decision-making world of Ottawa.
  2. Enjoy structured learning opportunities surrounding the meaning of public justice, Canadian government structure, public policy analysis, non-profit operations, and navigating Parliament Hill.
  3. Gain understanding of the specific rewards and challenges of a non-profit organization.
  4. Bring back an understanding of how the United Church of Canada can further engage in public justice in Canada.


September 4, 2018, to August 2019


Ottawa, Ontario


  1. The United Church will reimburse up to 80% of travel expenses to travel to Ottawa to start the internship, and from Ottawa at the end of internship.
  2. The intern will receive a $33,763.44 stipend from Citizens for Public Justice, for the duration of the internship, to cover living expenses in Ottawa.


  1. Participate in three electronic or in-person meetings with General Council Office (one before the internship, one at six months after the internship, and one a year after the internship).
  2. Connect with General Council Office staff regularly throughout the internship to ensure goals of internship are on track.
  3. Share learnings of internship, and provide mentorship and leadership to various structures of the United Church and their communities as they engage in public justice work.

Applicant Profile

  • Have a demonstrated commitment to, and engagement in, The United Church of Canada (locally, regionally, and/or nationally)
  • Relevant university degree (e.g., political science, economics, social work, public policy, public administration)
  • Demonstrated interest in public justice framing of public policy, and demonstrated research (web and library based) skills and developing skills in policy analysis
  • Good organizational skills and communicator—written, oral, and interactive skills
  • English/French bilingual ability isan asset
  • Willingness to speak to United Church groups about the experience and its impact on their faith journey


  1. Ongoing participation in networks of The United Church of Canada.
  2. Offer leadership to groups within the United Church
To Apply

Apply by March 25, 2018, to Citizens for Public Justice. Please send a copy to the United Church at pip [at] In your e-mail to the United Church, briefly outline how you are connected to and participate in the United Church at this time.

Find the application form on the CPJ site

The United Church is committed to equity, diversity, justice, and to creating a positive and supportive environment for people of all identities and backgrounds. All qualified people are encouraged to apply.