Today people of The United Church of Canada shared how they are getting involved with Gifts with Vision by challenging one another to give gifts from the Gifts with Vision catalogue. They are responding to challenge videos shared earlier this month from Moderator Jordan Cantwell and General Secretary Nora Sanders.

Aaron Miechkota, a member of Trinity United Church in Montreal, sent out a challenge to her friends on social media to get involved.

The United Church Communications Unit also got in on the fun of the challenge and created a video to challenge other staff members to give Gifts with Vision.

“I’m not only glad that my colleagues have taken this challenge head-on, but also suggested to my own family that giving a gift through Gifts with Vision sure beats giving more stuff—not just during the holidays but also throughout the year,” said Kate Rodd, Executive Officer of Communications.

The momentum continues to build as the challenges are being shared over social media. So far, the Moderator and General Secretary challenges have garnered more than 1,000 views and shares.

“Since launching Gifts with Vision in 2011, the people of the United Church have given over 27,000 gifts all around the world. This is a wonderful achievement to celebrate,” said David Armour, Director of Philanthropy at The United Church of Canada. “This suggests that people are more and more interested in giving a gift that helps others in meaningful ways. We are inviting everyone to make it another milestone year for Gifts with Vision.”

Gifts with Vision supports The United Church of Canada’s Mission & Service partners. To order gifts, visit or call 1-844-715-7969.