Thank you to the faithful and generous people of the United Church, who have donated over $8 million locally to help sponsor over 900 Syrian refugees for resettlement in Canada.

In addition to refugee sponsorship, United Church people have also donated $1.02 million to our Syria Refugee Appeal in response to the crisis in the Middle East. Your generous gifts continue to help United Church partners on the ground respond to the needs of displaced Syrians.

In Lebanon, Mission & Service partner the Joint Christian Committee (JCC) has stepped in to ensure Syrian children and youth are able to continue their education. JCC teachers, many of whom are refugees themselves, teach classes in Arabic, since many Syrian students are unable to attend schools in Lebanon (where the languages of instruction are English and French).

In order to get their high school diplomas, Syrian teenagers must write their final exams in Syria. JCC staff regularly escort busloads of teenagers across the Lebanese border into war-torn Syria to write their final exams. “Education is a light that gets rid of ignorance,” says JCC’s Mahmoud Manaa. “We believe in development, humanity, love, and peace—and we can’t build that without knowledge.”

Many of these students hope to use their education to help Syria recover from its devastation. “I dream of being an engineer, so one day I can go back to my country to rebuild as much as I can,” says Syrian high-school student Natalie.

For more information, visit the Syria Refugee Appeal page or contact:

Wendy GichuruProgram Coordinator Africa & Middle East Partnership Program416-231-7680 ext. 4038
1-800-268-3781 ext. 4038
wgichuru [at]