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October 28, 2016
I was a stranger and you welcomed me. Matthew 25:35 The United Church of Canada extends its deepest condolences to those mourning the tragic deaths of Syrian refugees Aylan Kurdi (three years old), his brother Galip (five years old), and their mother, Reham. We pray also for the thousands of others from various countries who have also died or lost relatives as they risked their lives in search of...
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November 21, 2016
After two years of intensive study and consultation, the Comprehensive Review Task Group is recommending major changes to The United Church of Canada that would revitalize and nurture a range of ministries, simplify governance and administration, and enable the church to live within its resources. “We believe God is doing a new thing and is calling us to change dramatically so we can participate...
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September 28, 2016
With support from the United Church and others, partners are working hard especially to empower Syrian women and children. The Joint Christian Committee for Social Services (JCC) provides services to Syrian refugees in Lebanon. JCC is the Lebanon Area Committee of the Department of Services to Palestinian Refugees and the Middle East Council of Churches , which are Mission and Service partners...