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The Children Remembered: Residential School Archive Project

Carpentry class, Brandon Industrial Institute, circa 1910

The number of United Church–managed Indian residential schools ranged from a high of 13 in 1927 to six in 1951 and four in 1966. In 1969 the federal government took over the management of or closed all the United Church schools. All photos of United Church Indian residential schools from the General Council Archives have been posted on The Children Remembered website.

The Archives is participating with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to gather photos and documents and make them available to the public.

Laura H. Hambly Fonds: Japanese Mission Slides, [191-]-[194-]

The Transformation of Mother Earth from Nature to Art

Laura Hambly (1877–1951) was a Methodist and United Church missionary overseas. Like many missionaries, Laura returned on furlough to Canada throughout her career and gave lantern slideshows about mission work to congregations and groups at home.

This online gallery displays 32 images of a missionary slideshow about Japan and the 10-page script to accompany the show.

Up and Down the Coast: Records of Missions to First Nations in British Columbia

With the marine missionaries on the Pacific coast

From the late 19th century, Methodist missionaries and, by 1925, the United Church supported what was called “Indian Work,” including marine missions, hospitals, and residential and day schools in coastal and northern First Nations communities. This website contains over 1,700 images of Methodist and United Church missions to First Nations along the coast of British Columbia.

The Archives received funding from the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre to digitize these archival photographs. Many are unidentified, and we hope to gather information about the First Nations or locations depicted in them.

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