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Archives and Recordkeeping

Family History Research

Church Records

Church records are excellent sources of information for family history/genealogy.

The records in the United Church Archives Network are the local church records of The United Church of Canada and the denominations it was formed from: Congregational, Methodist, Presbyterian, and Evangelical United Brethren.

Some of the most popular church records for family history research are those that provide information on

  • baptisms
  • marriages
  • burials

Not all sources are found in every United Church archives. Some, particularly published materials, may also be found in other places such as public or academic libraries.

Where to Start Your Research

The United Church urges local congregations and related institutions to regularly forward their records to the appropriate Conference archives.

If you can't find the records you need in the Conference archives, contact the local churches or church institutions directly.

  • Download the Genealogy Research Tool [PDF: 5 pp/69 KB], a research tool to help with genealogical research for Ontario.
  • The current United Church Year Book Vol. 2: Reports and Directory (available in all United Church archives) provides contact information.
  • The Church Locator also provides contact information.
  • Please see Web Links for further genealogical resources.
  • Some church records have been erroneously placed in secular libraries, archives, and museums. Check the local and regional collections of public and university libraries as well.

Research by E-mail, Mail, or Phone

See Research from a Distance for how requests are handled and the information you will need to provide. Try to make your requests as concise and specific as possible.

Remember: Because of their complex nature, archival materials usually do not lend themselves to quick reference responses.

Research in Person

See Visiting the Archives before you make a visit.

If you are unable to visit the archives in person, most can provide the names of professional researchers who will, for a fee, assist in more extensive searches. Professional researchers work independently and are not staff of the archives. All arrangements, including fees, are between yourself and the researcher.

Is There a Cost?

Some archives charge a fee for genealogical research. Please check with the specific archive you are contacting.

Contact Information

For the most current archives contact information, see

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