The plan has been designed to respond to the needs of each congregation and address the unique exposures faced by the church. It is also available to incorporated ministries, such as camps, seniors' homes, and education centres. UCC Protect offers the following insurance policy coverages as chosen by each congregation:

Commercial General Liability (CGL)

Coverage for bodily injury, personal injury, property damage, advertising, and tenant's legal liability. Abuse, harassment, and counselling coverage are also included.


Coverage for employee dishonesty, loss of money, money order and counterfeit currency, incoming cheque, and credit card forgery.

Directors' and Officers' Liability (D&O)

Protects directors and officers, including employees, trustees, volunteers, or committee members and any other person acting on behalf of the church or at the direction of an officer or board of directors of the church for their personal liability arising out of actual or alleged negligence, errors, misstatements, or breach of duty in their oversight responsibilities. Learn More.

Equipment Breakdown

  • Coverage for sudden and accidental breakdown of all boilers, pressure vessels, and mechanical and electrical machinery, such as air conditioning units, heat pumps, and wiring.

Property and Business Interruption

  • All risks of direct loss or damage coverage provided for property of every description (POED) (subject to the exclusions).
  • Replacement cost and no co-insurance penalty provisions provided.
  • Discounts are given for having installed burglar and/or fire alarms (monitored or local); for sprinklered buildings, and recent building appraisals. These discounts can add up to a 50% credit.
  • Extra expense included.
  • Gross earnings and payroll coverage is optional.

Third Party Event Liability

Third Party Event Liability Insurance is for groups and individuals holding meetings, events, or parties at the premises of churches/camps/outreach ministries that are participants of UCC Protect.


This insurance is now available online, starting as low as $100 for one-time only events and $150 for ongoing support or self-help group meetings. To learn more about UCC Protect Third Party Event Liability, please contact HKMB Hub at 1-888-550-5458 or visit their website.

Before Renting to a Third Party

Assess the potential risks and liabilities associated with the proposed use:

  • Remember that only the church/camp/outreach ministry, its employees, and volunteers benefit from the protection of the insurance program, which covers claims that may arise due to an injury to a person using the premises.
  • Users of the premises for purposes other than the usual operations of the church/camp/outreach ministry are not generally covered by your insurance.
  • The church/camp/outreach ministry should obtain a proof of insurance from users to protect its interests, which usually comes in the form of a Certificate of Insurance naming the church/camp/outreach ministry as Additional Insured.
  • The church/camp/outreach ministry is protected under the user's group policy against liability arising out of the negligence of that group to the extent of the coverage limits specified on the group insurance coverage. This means that the church/camp/outreach ministry does not need to turn to its own insurance in the event of a loss associated with the function of the group. This serves to preserve the liability limits for which the church/camp/outreach ministry has paid a premium.

Umbrella Liability

  • Provides increased liability limits above the CGL.