UCC Protect (formerly The General Insurance Plan of The United Church of Canada) is the only insurance program endorsed by the Finance Unit and overseen by the Risk Manager. Hub International is the Broker of Record of UCC Protect, underwritten by Royal Sun Alliance, a leading property and casualty insurance company.

Note: If your insurance is currently being arranged through and handled by your local congregational insurance broker, HUB International Limited will continue to honour that relationship and work with your local insurance broker.

Coverage Highlights

The plan offers coverage to address the unique needs of congregations and incorporated ministries such as camps, seniors' homes, and education centres.

No-Obligation Quote

For a no-obligation quote, please contact Hub International. You can send the completed application (see below) by mail, e-mail, or fax to UCC Protect Service Team at Hub International.

Risk Control Guidelines for Places of Worship

See below for a checklist that will help guide your routine inspections; be sure to customize it to suit your building(s) and needs. It's important to ensure you're safeguarded from all potential losses, especially when they're within your control. Remember: it's easier to fix the small things as minor inconveniences before they grow and become big headaches!

Incident Report Claims Handling

Report all claims or any incident that might later give rise to a claim to:

  • Teisha Thompson, Claims Representative
    Tel: 416-597-4608
    Fax: 416-597-6811
    E-mail: teisha.thompson [at] hubinternational.com (Teisha Thompson​)

For after-hours claims reporting 24/7: 1-800-668-6100