Are you looking to implement a comprehensive screening program in your church or to enhance your existing program? Looking for a program that you can adapt to your needs that provides training and additional resources? Then consider Plan to Protect®.

The United Church of Canada recommends Plan to Protect’s abuse prevention and protection tools and the training programs it offers. United Church congregations and ministries are el igible for a 10 percent discount when they become a member. Visit the Plan to Protect website or contact 1-877-455-3555. MENTION COUPON CODE UCOC12.

Plan to Protect offers a holistic approach to abuse prevention and offers programs for child/youth protection as well as other vulnerable populations.


  • Plan to Protect® Church Manual (available in English and French)

Pocket Guides

  • My Plan to Protect® Pocket Guide of Best Practices for Children's Ministry
  • My Plan to Protect® Pocket Guide of Best Practices for Youth Ministry

Training and Certification

  • Plan to Protect® Orientation Training
  • Plan to Protect® Refresher Training
  • Plan to Protect® On-line training
  • Plan to Protect® Admin/Leader Certification Program
  • Plan to Protect® Train the Trainer Certification Program
  • Numerous webinars and seminars (including protection for vulnerable adults under disability initiatives)