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Energy in the One Earth Community

Current Challenges and Future Options for Energy Use in the Canadian and Global Contexts

A policy statement adopted by the 37th Council of The United Church of Canada (August 2000)

Energy is integral to God's creation. Sources ranging from fossil fuels to the sun are transformed into the physical energy used by human societies. Nutritional elements combine with water and air to give our bodies the biological energy to maintain life. Our relationships with God, the natural world, and other people provide us with the spiritual energy to thrive.

This policy statement of the 37th General Council concentrates on current challenges and future options for the physical energy needed by human society in Canada and globally. However, the issues are addressed within the context of our growing awareness of the inter-relatedness of all life. Developments in ecological theology and ethics are opening our eyes to the ways in which energy use is linked to the ecological crises facing the Earth, the health consequences for us and future generations, the global justice implications, and the more profound levels of spiritual well-being for us in relation to other species and to our Creator.

Energy in the One Earth Community is available as a booklet from UCRD.

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