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Seeking Mission Theme Evaluations and Proposals

14 June 2011

What did you think of the 2009–2011 mission theme "Living for the Earth: Choosing Creation over Empire"?

What do you think the 2013–2015 mission theme should be?

The mission theme is a two-year United Church focus on a particular mission area. Two editions of Mandate magazine , and sometimes additional resources, are used for different types of education and engagement around the theme.

While the new mission theme "Are We Healthy? Working toward Wholeness and Well-Being" was launched in May, we have already begun the process of soliciting input for the next mission theme, and evaluating the most recent one. Tell us what you think and invite others, committees, and networks to respond as well.

Please visit the Mission Theme page for more information and for proposal and evaluation forms.

For more information, please contact:

  • Sarah Shepherd
    Program Assistant, Education for Justice
    The United Church of Canada
    3250 Bloor St. West
    Toronto, ON M8X 2Y4
    Fax: 416-231-3103
    E-mail: Sarah Shepherd
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